The studio is a 1650 sq ft historic home on N. May Ave in Oklahoma City. It has 2 floors and is fully equipped with furniture, a 55″ TV with Netflix, free WiFi, snacks and drinks for your clients, bathroom upstairs and downstairs, and original hardwood floors. You can shoot anywhere on the property. The upstairs has a paper backdrop room, a newborn room and a boudoir/lifestyle room. All rooms have everything you need including rental furniture, full studio light setups, props and wardrobe. The upstairs level has plenty of natural light if you prefer not to use studio lighting. The client has access to the entire house for the duration of their rental time. We do change decor and furniture every few months. If there is something special you need, please feel free to ask!

If you are interested in booking, please send us an inquiry through our contact formΒ or by emailing You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions here:Β

We look forward to working with you!

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