Studio Rental FAQ

Q: Where is the photography studio located? Our studio is on N. May and I-44, very centrally located in Oklahoma City. It sits in a historical residential neighborhood.

Q: Do you have a calendar to see availability? YES! Use this link to book your appointment:

Q: What all is included in a studio rental block? For the duration of your rental time, you have full access to the entire house, property, and everything in it. We do not double book renters, ever.

Q: What type of time blocks do you offer? You can rent the studio hourly or by the full day. We are open 4:00am-11:00pm, 7 days a week.

Q: If you book a full day, when can I be there? We do not have a time limit on full day rentals. You may come as early or stay as late as you would like!

Q: If I need time to setup, can I come earlier than my rental time? Any kind of setup time must be included in your rental block. This includes hair and makeup. We often have back-to-back renters and all time must be accounted for.

Q: If I am running late, can I add more time to my rental? Yes. As long as there is not a renter directly after you, you can request more time using the booking link:

Q: What is inside of the studio? We currently have various furniture upstairs and downstairs that you are able to use for your clients as well as snacks and drinks, Alexa for music, and a working kitchen. The upstairs has a boudoir room with a bed, mirror, settee, ottoman, and a full lingerie closet. The newborn room is equipped with a square newborn bean bag and stand, clothes, props, heaters, and more. The white room is empty, open, and provides the perfect creamy light. The downstairs houses various colors of seamless paper and cloth backdrops and 3 Alien Bee 800W studio lights with your choice of soft box or umbrella reflectors. These are run with universal triggers. Every floor is original hardwood and there is a restroom both upstairs and downstairs.

Q: Are pets allowed inside the studio? Yes. You may have animals in the studio for sessions. It will be your responsibility to ensure they do not damage any part of the house or contents.

Q: What is required to book? You will review and sign a rental agreement and an invoice for your desired block via our booking link above. You will be able to pay online with your bank account or credit card. You will receive an emailed receipt for tax purposes.

Q: What are your rates? $75 per hour or $400 for a full day. A full day block does not have any time constraints within 4:00am-11:00pm. You may come as early or stay as late as you need on your scheduled date.

Q: How will I get into the studio? You will receive entry instructions at the time of booking as well as other pertinent information.

Q: What if I need to reschedule my rental time? Rescheduling is completely at our discretion, depending on the situation. We try our best to work with our clients under extenuating circumstances.

Q: Do I have to be a photographer to rent the studio? No. We have all types of creatives that use the studio for various purposes!