About Me

photographer oklahoma

My name is Rebecca and I am a portrait photographer. This stud pictured with me is my husband, Mitch. Together we run KRK Studios and Rentals in Oklahoma City. (Shout out to Magnolia Adams for these beautiful images!) I’m easy to get to know by the things I’m into. I try to pour a little of myself into my art and hope some of that shines through in my images.


Things I like: kids. animals. kids with animals. photography. abstract art. basketball. big hair. fresh flowers. sushi. gardening. music, more specifically, queen. dancing. traveling. doing girly things with my girls. making my husband laugh. sunsets. coffee. high heels. lace. cooking, just kidding, i don’t like to cook. old school film. weddings. gold anything. red lipstick. old movies. pretty instagram feeds.

photographer yukon oklahomaI am a perfectionist and work very hard to make every individual picture amazing. Special care is taken to smooth skin and remove impurities from the photograph (unless that is not desired). Because I also own an event rental company and studio, I have access to many different furniture pieces and props that are often used in my photography sessions. Florals can also be arranged, if desired. I have a very fast turnaround time, generally within 1-2 weeks! I provide you with your digital images through your own private online gallery. Of course, if you want my assistance creating professional prints, I’m more than happy to do so. Please feel free to reach out with any ideas you have. ❤

Click here to see some of my work.